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Dr. Ajay Jain

Dr. Ajay Jain completed his graduation from the esteemed institute M.G.M. Medical College in the year 1980. Did his Post Graduation in Clinical Pathology in the year 1983. he is working as Consulting Pathologist for 35 years. He has a special interest in Infertility, Sexology & Genetics for which he has received exclusive training and has attended hands-on workshops, around the world. He has worked extensively in the field of male infertility, test-tube baby techniques, male & female sexual problems for 29 years. He is trained from the best institutes of India & European countries like Belgium, Brussels, Germany, Madrid, Geneva, China, Srilanka & Portugal. He is a member of various national & International INFERTILITY, ANDROLOGY & SEXUAL SOCIETIES and is the author of a book – Male Infertility (Diagnostics & Therapeutics). He has special expertise in handling patients of sexual problems related to drug abuse, chronic diseases, their treatments, relapse of symptoms after treatment withdrawal and male infertility patients, and has been recognized as one of the senior-most male infertility experts of the city.

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Dr Aatmik Jain

Dr. Aatmik Jain did graduation in the year 2017 from R.D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain. He has a keen interest in learning about and handling patients with sexual problems that are rampant in society. He completed his Fellowship in Psychosexual Medicine from JSS University, Mysuru (Karnataka). This sexology course is first of its kind and he is the only person who has been awarded this fellowship. He is also a member of various National & International Sexual Societies. Specially trained in Sexual dysfunctions from the European School of Sexual Medicine from Budapest, Hungary. He is working as Sex Counselor, Therapist, Educator and Infertility expert. He specializes in the field of Non-Consummation of marriage, Dhat Syndrome, Porn and masturbation addiction, and Homosexuality related issues. He has especially been trained in sexual enhancement techniques and Non-pharmacological treatment.

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Our Clients Say

Most important point is sir listens to your problems carefully. There is no hurry and full privacy

After 2 failed IVF cycles sir gave us successful results

Best for infertility treatment

I am totally satisfied by genes clinic. I had experience of effective treatment with minimum expenditure

He asked for no blood tests while at every other clinic they advised unnecessary blood tests.

He is very straightforward and points our mistakes

He gave me the solution for a problem which was there for 7 years.

He gives very practical solutions to your problems and relates it with other problems also which makes it easy to understand

Dr Aatmik has very new ideas which are different from the other conventional methods which are effective too.

Dr Jain is a young and dynamic doctor. He is good with counseling and practical advice.