Important Information

If you or your partner is suffering from any sexual problem and it comes to your observation kindly do not ignore it, Do not blame your partner about the condition, Do not show your anger and tell them to deal with it alone as the problem is his/her only. You need to support your partner and motivate them to visit a sex clinic and get a proper treatment.  

* Sexual problems are not incurable (kindly get them treated on time)

* Always bring your sexual partner along with you for the treatment especially on the first session (for better understanding and proper treatment

* Your sexual problem can cause sexual difficulty in your partner too (kindly take that seriously and get it treated)

* Sexual problems are not limited to any person or gender (so always cooperate with your partner and understand their feelings)

* Never ignore your sexual problems (these are alarming signals of your body indicating other diseases of near future)

* Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, obesity and sexual problems caused by their treatment are not incurable (kindly do not ignore them)

* Stress, dullness, frequent low mood, irritability, reduced / loss of appetite, less sleep increases sexual problems (kindly do not ignore them)

* Cigarette and bidi smoking, alcohol, tobacco chewing, etc. aggravates sexual problems

* The solution to sexual problems is not only found in closed rooms, it depends upon your routine and behavior also (kindly try to improve your non-sexual relations with your partner)

* Internet, porn, masturbation, etc. develop our mindset in both right and wrong ways (always take advice of your doctor in order to prevent yourself from their negative effects and addiction)