Sex Education For Couples

In the 21st-century sex is not just a male concern. It is more a couple of things nowadays. Our society is changing day by day and females are now talking about their sexual rights and concerns. They have their ideas, needs, and desire. Females are now more sexually active, responsible, and independent. But still, in our society we lack the agenda and protocol for awareness. We do not talk about sex but it is expected from us to know everything on our own.

For this reason, we try to find out the answers on our own but fail as an individual and society in authenticity & the couple is confused and distressed, unsure whether to blame themselves, their source, or their partner.

We as sexologist introduce this program for the couples to teach them not only about sex but also about basic sexual anatomy and physiology sexuality, sensuality, genital hygiene, menstruation, safe period, fertility period, contraception, safe sex practices, sexual enhancement techniques.