Sex Education For Youth

The sexual and reproductive health needs of the youth in our country are currently overlooked and is not understood by the healthcare system. Sexual health is not openly discussed due to cultural and traditional norms in society. As they grow up, they get a lot of exposure and have to make important decisions about relationships, sexuality, and sexual behavior.

The decisions they make can impact their health and well-being for the rest of their lives. We must provide them with honest, age-appropriate information and skills and clear their myths and misconceptions necessary to help them take personal responsibility for their overall wellbeing.

Incorrect information has the potential to create misunderstanding in the youth making them more prone to unhealthy practices and negative attitudes toward sex.

We provide information about basic sexual anatomy and physiology, privacy, sexual decisions, respectful behaviors, language, focusing on love, abstinence, safer sex practices, respect for others, personal rights and responsibilities, relationships and friendships, effective communication, decision-making, and risk behaviors.

We also provide basic sex education classes, role-playing, doubt solving sessions for school & college students.