Why & When do you need a Sexologist?

1. Are you worried about your penis size?

2. Do you have a bend/tilt in the penis?

3. Do you need proper sex education and counseling?

4. Do you need Counseling to clear your sex related doubts?

5. Do you understand your partner completely?

6. Are you bothered about the difference in your testis size?

7. Does a loose erection make you feel like a weak performer during sex?

8. Are you more tired and less aroused or excited than before?

9. Are your genitals dry during sex?

10. Are you losing interest in sex?

11. Have you lost your sex drive?

12. Are you not able to respond to your partners call for sex?

13. Is there a feeling of sexual exhaustion more often and early?

14. Is it difficult for you to fantasize?

15. Is your partner unsatisfied with you and denies sex?

16. Do you release your semen too early?

17. Are you finding it difficult to control your ejaculation?

18. Are you suffering with the problem of late discharge?

19. Do you feel that your discharge has turned thin and low in quality and quantity?

20. Do you often feel that you have ejaculated but you find that nothing has come out?

21. Is there a painful sensation which you or your partner experience while sex?

22. Does your wife resists having sex due to pain or fear of pain in her private parts?

23. Do you have a habit of excess masturbation which has made you sexually/physically weak?

24. Are you unable to control your urge to watch porn and masturbate?

25. Do you enjoy masturbation more than having sex with your partner?

26. Are you dependent on porn to get excited or aroused?

27. Do you get excited or experience orgasm by any means other than sex?

28. Does small kids, non-living objects, etc. attract you for sexual satisfaction?

29. Do you feel that you are old now and sex is not for your thing anymore?

30. Are diabetes, hypertension, obesity, thyroid disorders, etc. hampering your sexual life?

31. Are you experiencing sexual difficulty after long term use of daily prescribed medicines for your chronic illness?

32. Did a surgery left you with a thought of sexual weakness?

33. Does improper sleep leave you tired, irritable and sexually weak?

34. Do you feel that long term use of alcohol, smoking, tobacco has taken away your sexual drive and performance?

35. Is it Cancer and its treatment that has shattered your confidence?

36. You wish to learn some sexual enhancement techniques

37. Did you suffer from any kind of sexual abuse in your past life and do you want to cope up with it in a positive and more effective manner?

38. Are you worried about the unsatisfactory sexual intercourse on the very first night of your marriage (Honeymoon Impotence)?


These are some of the reasons why you need a


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